New Patient Exam

What happens on My First Visit?

Unless there is some immediate concern or urgency, your first visit to our office involves a comprehensive evaluation of your entire masticatory (chewing) system. It is our role to examine your entire chewing system and assess its current status, make a diagnosis and develop a lifetime master treatment plan that will achieve optimal comfort, function, health and esthetics.

This is, without question, the most important series of appointments you and your dentist will have. Many of the disappointments individuals have with dentistry can be traced back to an incomplete evaluation, diagnosis or explanation.

Parts of The New Patient Exam

Comprehensive Medical History

One part of our body can affect many other parts. We need to know medical conditions, diseases or medicines that may have impact on your dental health or the treatment we provide.

Digital Camera Pictures

For smile and facial evaluation.

Comprehensive X-ray Examination

We take necessary digital dental radiographs of all teeth and supporting structures of the jaws.

Intra-oral Pictures

Seeing is believing. Every chair is equipped with an intra-oral camera which allows us to show you exactly what we see so you can make informed decisions about your dental care.

Soft Tissue Exam (oral cancer screening)

Dr. Lord examines your cheeks, roof of the mouth, throat, tongue, floor of the mouth, and your lips. He looks for any problems that you may have including ulcers, oral cancer, cysts, benign tumours, or oral signs of cancer from other parts of the body.

Examination of the Teeth

We examine your teeth and existing dental work for stains, chips, cracks, cavities, malformations, excessive wear and mobility.

Periodontal Screening Examination. This includes:

  • Gentle measurement of the depth of the gum collar around the teeth to determine periodontal health (what holds the teeth in)
  • Check for mobile teeth
  • Measurement of receding gums

Jaw-Joint and Muscle Examination

This examination determines if the jaw joints and muscles are healthy and functioning properly.

Personalized Treatment Plan

After all the necessary information has been gathered we will:

  • Explain our findings
  • Develop and present the treatment plan and options that can help you achieve optimal comfort, function and esthetics
  • Explain the consequences of not having treatment
  • Discuss the cause of gum disease, dental decay and bite problems
  • Discuss preventative measures that can improve your dental health