Bancroft Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Here at Northern Pines Dental, we offer dental implants as the permanent, optimal solution to a missing tooth. Leaving a tooth missing, can cause other teeth to shift, bone to break down, and decreased chewing efficiency. There is also the cosmetic effect that it can have on your smile. Dental implants are the solution. They will allow you to replace that tooth with one that looks and feels so natural, you won't be able to tell the difference.

While we offer full dental implants, we also offer the less invasive, mini dental implants.

There are a number of reasons someone may need mini dental implants, most notably to secure a set of dentures to avoid slipping, clacking and other embarrassing problems that occur when wearing full or partial dentures.

We are proud to offer Bancroft with mini dental implants because they are a viable option in many situations where larger implants won’t work and the procedure is significantly less invasive.

Mini implants usually have a diameter less than three millimetres, whereas larger dental implants are typically four to five millimetres in diameter. This means that if there is less bone, which can often be the case if the patient has been missing teeth for a long time, an implant can still be used to secure full or partial dentures.

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